We started collaboration with Tereza Tara

Tereza Tara has been working on her documentary Healing me for ten years. Now this unique film is in the final phase of production. In the picture there is a mix of intimate confessions of a young woman and universal human desire to find themselves. It is developed in coproduction between GNOMON Production and FAMU.

Tereza Tara is a film director and artist. Even her first film Fish´n´Pills about a journey of birth-control pills and its influence on a human, nature and gender changes amongst fish received awards on film festivals. For example as a best popular science film in the field of biology science, Academia Film Olomouc, Award by student judges on Ekofilm – “Hope for Czech cinematography…” etc. It was screened in Czech centres in Vienna and Bucharest and it became an educational documentary in many secondary schools in Czech Republic. In 2018 it was introduced on Haifa Film Festival in a special section of five significant European environmental documentaries “Tomorrow Today” and under auspices of Czech centres it became a part a educational program of EU in Israel. 

Short film School for Women’s Souls discovered case of Guru Jára and his esoteric school for girls to public. Film was awarded on Finale Plzen. Her last film Kalado is inspired by Japanese art of Japanese dancer Sai Kijima. It was introduced on a prestigious exhibition of Czech documentaries Česká Radost on MFDF Ji.hlava 2017.

Tereza Tara is an author of many other dance films, tv a radio documentaries. Now she is finishing her master’s degree on FAMU and film Healing me is her graduate film. You can find more about Tereza Tara on her website.