When satisfied clients speak for us

A big fan of innovation – Jihomoravské inovační centrum (the South Moravian Innovation Center) – produced a case study of the cooperation between KOMA Modular and our company, GNOMON Production, as a part of their creative voucher program. KOMA Modular was appreciative of not only the quality cooperation but also the final result.

“We needed to find a way to give the customer clear and striking information. We wanted to produce something on a professional level that was also fun; something that other presentations have missed, so we decided a video would be best,” said Stanislav Martinec, director of KOMA Modular, on the idea of supporting the brand.

The study showed that even a well-known company with a client base needs sophisticated advertising. A combination of ideas, creativity and quality work, the short videos attracted not only the customers but also the employees themselves. With the success of the first videos, new commissions have been made, and a long-term collaboration has been set up that has even given us a free hand.

It’s because we’ve been working together for a long time. Not only do we know the company very well, but we also tend to communicate about the form of each video for about half a year or a year before production. And on top of this, KOMA often gives us space for a certain amount of experimentation. Working with them is a good way of producing new and original videos without repeating ideas,” adds film-maker Jan Hubáček from GMONON.

And what’s the best thing about this collaboration?

Stanislav Martinec clears things up, saying: “We originally thought we were going to make the video ourselves, but once we saw the result from GNOMON, we understood that we could never have done it on our own. Every company that requires professional presentations should work with a professional filmmaker. I’m convinced that video should be part of the way every company advertises, because people are more interested in videos on YouTube than in static images.”

You can read the whole case study here – 1url.cz/@koma_studie