Amateurs from Kingsfield


The plot of the eight-part comedy series takes us to a small Brno theater. The story takes place over several months, when we see what events are happening in an amateur ensemble while rehearsing a new musical. Each episode pays more attention to one of the characters, but most of all to the characters of the central trio – Viktor, Simona and director Čeňek.

With increasing time, disputes arise in the ensemble, relations become more complicated, the premiere approaches and everything begins to fall apart under Viktor’s hands. In the eighth part, everything escalates into an argument right during the ceremonial premiere. Personal problems intertwine with acting on stage. Thanks to the accumulated emotions, however, amateur actors do not spoil the premiere of a musical; on the contrary, they are as good as they have never been before. Viktor’s play is an unexpected success.

Director Robert Vrba
Dramaturgy Josef Fišer

Edit Andy Fehu

Production GNOMON

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The develompent of this project was realised with support by the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund.