Minimal Monument

Director Michaela Rozbrojová – Fišerová
Petr Příkaský
Edit Josef Fišer

Production GNOMON


The documentary will follow three main lines, which should comprehensively introduce Jiří Valoch, probably the most fundamental figure in Czech conceptual art. The first one follows the personal life of Jiří Valoch, who suffers from dementia, was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Černovice and deprived of his rights. He was eventually released from the hospital and the documentary follows the development of his life afterwards. The second line will concern art, created and collected by Valoch. Jiří Valoch donated his collection of several thousand pieces to the Moravian Gallery and the National Gallery, which is gradually being sorted and exhibited.

The last line will be reconstructive. The nature of most of Valoch’s work was timeliness, conceptuality and non-traditional exhibition spaces. Therefore, we will reconstruct some of his important works in the places for which he originally intended them. The reach of Jiří Valoch’s person and art far exceeds his place of residence and literally connects him with the whole world through art. This meaning in contrast to the difficult age of the “artist in body and soul” is the main axis of the documentary Minimal Monument.