Miri fajta

Romani are making a sitcom

Script, director Martin Chlup, Petr Kačírek
Camera   Petr Kačírek
Editing Evženie Brabcová
Sound Martin Chlup
Dramaturgy Josef Fišer

Diverse group of Roma non-professionals is creating a sitcom about life in the roma family. They aim to capture their original culture and create idols for young Romani people. In one year they were able to create successful theater performance and then they shot it’s film adaptation. Now they’re establishing Roma internet television, through which they would like to share Roma culture not only to the Roma people.

Using the observation method, we are looking at the changes in protagonists lives. They have to give up their comfort, relationships and together with previously unknown people create something, that has not been created before.


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The project was realised with support by the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund.