Pigeon Soldier

Director, animation Michaela Lovecká
Edit Michal Orsava

Production GNOMON


The short animated film “Pigeon Soldier” tells the story of the delivery of an important message by a carrier pigeon in the dramatic conditions of the First World War. The war drama, with a story interwoven with metaphors, points to the loss of freedom and its fatality. The carrier pigeon William lives a carefree life at a military base, under the supervision of a kind man. However, his son soon takes William to the epicenter of the trench warfare. He then comes in the immediate vicinity of suffering and death. He will soon be tasked with delivering an important message that can save the lives of many soldiers. During the flight, William is seriously wounded by a hawk sent by the enemy party to prevent the successful transmission of war reports.

William still manages to complete his task and, exhausted, delivers a message attached to his leg. At the last moment, he saves the lives of soldiers who have almost lost hope. Freedom, symbolized by bird flying, was taken away by the war. This idea is reflected in the missing wings that were taken from the pigeon by the war. William was unable to take off again quietly, grabbing grain from the bench on which the aged pigeon man sits. Although it is already after the war, the memory of it remains. A pigeon man spends post-war moments on a bench in the square, his son and his wife sit on a bench next to it. They watch a little boy, the grandson of a pigeon man playing a soldier. The shadow of the little boy looks like the shadow of an adult soldier – an indelible harbinger of another war.

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