The Elephant Wars

How is Africa changing us? 



Idea and directing Michal Varga, Matěj Kmeť, Matúš Jankovič
Script Miroslav Vlček, Michal Varga
Cinematographer Matěj Kmeť, Stanislav Adámek
Dramaturgy Jan Gogola ml.

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Africa. We dream about it as kids, as adults we see it in the TV as something exotic and dangerous. Some of us are not afraid to make our dreams come true, some of us are not afraid to leave safe old Europe and to seek an adventure in the lands, that are for common European still new and mysterious.

Arth Sometimes our goals are more noble. “I go there to help, to save the elephants, people, planet! It´s something I have to do,” we say. But is it about helping Africa?

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The project was realized in 2017 with financial support by the statutory City of Brno.

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