Under the ground

What is over half century hidden in Brno’s underground?

Scénář, režie David Butula
Dramaturgie Jan Gogola ml.
Kamera Petr Vejslík, Stanislav Adam
Zvuk Jiří Kubík, Ondřej Gášek, Ladislav Mirvald
Střih Hana Dvořáčková
Produkce Jan Bodnár, Betty Turčanová


What is hidden in tunnels under the Brno will reveal trilogy Under the Ground. After years Zuzana meets her boyfriend. But then he suddenly disappears. Everything indicates that his disappearence is connected with Brno’s underground.

Forensic engineer Stein is dealing with strange case at the same time. Human finger was found in park.

When he finds out that the case is connected with undergroud, where he had unpleasant experience as a child, he starts to investigate the case himself.

Mark’s colleague Nikola wants to the undergroud for mysterious reasons. Who will be first to find out what is hidden in the tunnels?

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Project is partly financed by city part Brno-střed.

Aleš Svoboda helps make the film with his expert consultations.