Videospot for Dieffenbacher´s new continuous press system CPS+

After the shooting in Netherlands and Czech Republic, the company sent us to Bjelovar, Croatia, to cover the new continuous press system – CPS+ and reveal it at an engineering fair. Piloting a camera drone indoor is a piece of cake for us already. The combination of animated 2D infographics and camera tracked 3D models underline the beauty of this enormous machine.



“GNOMON Production has created promotional videos from our production site in the Czech Republic and from customers’ plants in the Netherlands and Croatia, combining innovative approach with aerial drones or 3D animations. This investment turned out great for presentation at trade fairs as well as on our website and social media channels. Besides videos we also acquired great promotional photos from our products and completed plants for our customer magazine, online and printed newsletters and other marketing activities. We are very pleased we have chosen GNOMON as our supplier. Their professional approach, along with creativity, innovation and great communication has convinced us to address GNOMON repeatedly for our future projects.”

Reyhan Lohmüller & Markus Trame – DIEFFENBACHER GmbH