We don’t make movies

to make money,

we make money

to make more movies.

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GNOMON Production is a Czech production company, based in Brno. We develop and produce fiction and documentary films since 2009. We cooperated on several television and cinema projects, eg. Accept, Cyril and Methodius, Dust of the Ground, Big as Brno, Return to the Red City.

We produce also commercials for companies, music videos and videos for non-profit organizations. We believe there is a story hidden behind every object, specific and yet universal. To find it, capture it and present it; that is our goal.

  • Fiction film
  • Documentary film
  • Commercials
  • Music videos
  • Videos for non-profit organizations
  • Production
  • Movie directing
  • Scriptwriting

Our team

Jan Hubáček

Director & producer

Jan Hubáček graduated in film directing and screenwriting at FMK UTB Zlín. He also studied at Baltic film and Media school in Estonia, completed an internship at Neukölln.TV, Berlin and in Stink, London. He succeeded with his student shorts The Shoes and Romance of Noble Age, receiving multiple awards. In recent years he cooperated on movies eg. Cyril and Methodius, Dust of the ground, Lháři, Return to the red city, Kaskadéři s.ro. and videogames Czechoslovakia 38-89 and Mafia 3. His feature length debut is documentary film Accept. In 2015 he founded the production company GNOMON both for non-commercial and commercial projects. He recently produced documentary films Solo for One Hand (first place at Prix CIRCOM, Netherlands), Dunaj of Consciousness, Elephant wars or Fabrika.

Jan Bodnár

Producer & Production manager

Jan Bodnár graduated at Masaryk University in Brno with a degree in Film Science and Cultural Management. As an assistant of production, he cooperated with Czech Television, Nova Television (Masterchef) or feature film I, Olga Hepnarová. He has worked for many years as an external manager in the independent production company GNOMON Film, mainly on the documentary project Akcept. As a programmer, he is working at the Mezipatra queer film festival and has previously collaborated with festivals such as Ghettofest, Cinema Mundi or One World. At this time, he is a production manager at Media Voice and GNOMON Film.

Barbora Novotná Rosochová

Office manager

Barbora Rosochová graduated at JAMU in Brno – MA study programme Theatre Management. She completed an internship at the marketing department of the National Theater Brno and at the accounting company Vigo Consulting. She has worked for three years as the SETKÁNÍ/ ENCOUNTER festival fundraiser and the production manager of the 48 Hour Film Project Brno. As a producer she participated in number of film projects (Fibonacci, Dissident, Voices, etc.) and theatrical productions (Iron Major in BuranTeater, Adrian Mole’s Secret Diary in Orlí Street Theatre, Singers’ Journey in Paradox, etc.). Among other things she coordinated the teams of live broadcasts Káznice LIVE – The Second Wave or the street theater Leoš’s Footprints. She has worked as an office manager in GNOMON Production since 2019 and continues to work there as a film production manager as well.

Petr Kačírek

Camera operator, editor, soundman, lightman

“Although I have my diplom from Academy somewhere, I don´t feel like master artist. More like craftsman. I consider my work on projects from film, photography and scenic art from Czech, Germany, Slovenia, USA and other countries for most substantial. I am also trying to be a guidance for others.”

Studies: DIFA JAMU, Brno. Cooperation (selection): Czech Television, U Stolu Theatre, Faculty of social studies MU Brno, Moravská galerie Brno, Czech centre New York.

Radim Svoboda


Radim Svoboda graduated in film directing and screenwriting at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. There he made several short films that were screened at Czech and foreign film festivals (Na svazu, Hra, Cornelia, etc.). He also participated as assistant director or coordinator of extras in several films and series (Cyril and Methodius, Rapl, The Letter For The King, etc.). He has been writing scripts for Czech Television for several years (Are We There Yet?, U6 – The Amazing World of Science and Technology, etc.). At the same time, he is an author and works in advertising. His favorite film genres are comedy, crime and mystery. In GNOMON he works as a screenwriter and director.

Michal Gazdag

Soundman, musician

Michal studied sound at TBU in Zlín. Now he works as a freelance sound engineer. He is involved in sound dramaturgy and audio post-production in the field of AV production. He has worked on dozens of projects in the field of advertising production, television production, documentary, as well as teaching courses focusing on sound production, which he actively taught at the primary school and the Secondary Music School in Brno. As an active musician – bassist and singer – he performs almost one hundred concerts a year. His greatest sound performance is the feature-length documentary Akcept (2016).

Jakub Slabák

Production manager

Jakub Slabák graduated from the Institute of Musicology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno. He started in the audiovisual environment as a cameraman and photographer. He is currently involved in the production of sports broadcasts and has participated in the production of television broadcasts of several Children and Youth Olympics. He leads castings for film and television shoots, has cast extras and episodes in films such as Marie Terezie, The Painted Bird, Modelar, Veteran, a number of fairy tales and TV series. He has directed and produced several music videos. He was the production manager for the documentary KOMETA:FILM. At GNOMON, he works as a producer and is involved in the realization of a number of creative projects.

Robert Vrba


Studied Film Science at FF MUNI and Audiovisual Production and Theatre at JAMU. He is the director of the theatre ensemble SUUD (I made lečo, So eat cakes, Let the fog in, etc.) and a film producer (Burnt in my head, Vaginator: Dawn of the Bitches, When my eyes open, etc.). He is a writer, director and editor. His talents have been recognized at film festivals (Brno 16, Black Tower, Aerokraťas, TIFF Transilvania International Film Festival and The Shockproof Film Festival in Las Vegas).

Karolína Vaňková


Studied at JAMU in Brno. She has worked with the Association of Professional Theatres, as PR and marketing manager for the Brno theatre company Averze_ and for the Prague art company OLDstars, with which she worked for several years on the PR and marketing of the OLDstars on the ROUD theatre festival. She has worked on PR strategies for many projects and individuals. She is a freelance copywriter and theatre artist. Her theatre work can currently be seen in Brno, Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.

Adéla Václavíková


Adéla Václavíková, a graduate of editing composition at Tomáš Bat’a University in Zlín, went to the Netherlands after completing her bachelor’s degree to obtain a master’s degree in political culture. She is a film editor who specializes in both feature films and documentaries. Her work focuses on exploring the relationship between art and social change, with a deeper interest in social and political issues. She has gained experience at Nova TV, participated in live broadcasts of the Zlín Film Festival and collaborates with non-profit organizations to create educational videos (Partnership Foundation – Living Land, Really Healthy School). She also works in the field of advertising.