Dunaj of Consciousness


Script, director David Butula
Dramaturgy Jan Gogola ml.
DOP Petr Vejslík, Stanislav Adam
Sound Jiří Kubík, Ondřej Gášek, Ladislav Mirvald
Edit Hana Dvořáčková
Production GNOMON



Musician, shaman, and founder of the legendary band DUNAJ, Vladimír Václavek, is called on a shamanic journey. He sets off on a pilgrimage for his lost band, although their renewal was rejected for many years. The original formation – Josef Ostřanský, Pavel Koudelka, Pavel Fajt, lyricist Karel David and Vladimír Václavek – meet on a boat floating on the river of their band name: the Danube. Their aim is a festival in the Romanian region of Banát, so they can play can all play on one stage 20 years after the death of their mysterious frontman Jiří Kolšovský.

The strength of the river, music and meeting with another icon of DUNAJ, Iva Bittova, summons the rebirth of the band. The shamanic journey down the Danube guides Kolšovský to the other shore and deflects him eternally in an enclosing circle to a new story.

The documentary is ready and it’s currently in the distribution. More informations on www.facebook.com/filmdunaj

About the band DUNAJ www.dunajmusic.cz

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The film is co-produced with Czech Television.

The project is realized with financial support by the statutory City of Brno and co-financed by South Moravian Region.

The project is realized with support by the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund.