Dunaj of Consciousness


Script, director David Butula
Dramaturgy Jan Gogola ml.
DOP Petr Vejslík, Stanislav Adam
Sound Jiří Kubík, Ondřej Gášek, Ladislav Mirvald
Edit Hana Dvořáčková
Production Jan Bodnár, Betty Turčanová



Music as the search of the universe in itself. Wandering in the footsteps of DUNAJ band, guided by its former member Vladimír Václavek as a shaman of everyday. We visit with him former members of the band and other related figures. We to go through the story of the band that played myths and eventually became a myth itself. Through music and its perception, we come to the general human issues: consciousness, subconsciousness, dream, death, energy, trans, faith but even family, marriage, children and work. Music as a part of life and not something, what is “only art” or a pose on stage.

Documentary is now in production, more informations on www.facebook.com/filmdunaj

Dunaj finally on the Danube!

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Dunaj of Consciousness – Team

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The project was realized with financial support by the statutory City of Brno and co-financed by South Moravian Region.

The project was realized with support by the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund.