Independent films

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The topics we work with are coming from the environment and society, which we live in and pay close attention to. We offer an input for further thinking and hope for a positive change, authenticity, quality, originality and passion for experimenting. Those are our main values when it comes to filmmaking.

Each topic requires specific approach, form and genre, especially now, when boundaries of the media are vanishing, and film is slowly blending with television, internet and all kinds of interactive forms. We are producing fiction films, creative documentaries and coproducing foreign movies. Look at the progress in current projects. 

Commercial films

Our team also provides full-service video production for company clients. We will discuss your needs to find the best solution for you. Firstly, we will visit the location where you want your video filmed and propose the most suitable form and genre. Then we create storyboard, script and visualisation. Afterwards we move on to the casting of actors or native speakers of any language for voice over purposes.

We use our own, professional equipment, including the studio for postproduction phase in the centre of Brno. We also provide animation, professional sound design and music composed especially for your project. All material is securely stored, so we can update it or reedit it, so fits your needs the best even in the future.