What a single video will solve for you

According to the NetNewsLedger server, the average user of social networks “proscrolls” at least 90 meters of content per day. The largest networks that make up these statistics always have one thing in common in their content. Predominance of videos. What’s so special about videos that people devote so much of their time to them every day? And how can they be used to solve various problems in companies?

Why do we want a video ad?

Carefully thought-out and well-crafted videos can replace business cards now, complicated recruitment campaigns, or long meetings with corporate partners. Spots currently deal with much more than just forcing a product on a client. They contribute to quality and memorable branding that will help on all fronts. At the end of the day, few customers remember what they saw on the Internet. A well-written and produced video is easy to remember and associate with it the brand to which it belongs. Use quality technology, interesting visual elements, catchy music and you have it almost in your pocket.

Video as an ideal investment

Investment in video advertising has increased significantly due to the covid period. As videospot is one of the things that attracts a website visitor, many companies have improved their online environment, started uploading video ads and investing in online marketing more than before. The growth of online advertising was inevitable due to the pandemic, and many companies launched a wave of digital contact with customers. As many of these companies have realized how faster and more convenient communication with customers can take place, as well as their more frequent return, we can count on the online presence of companies and their digital presentation to continue after this global pandemic. Moreover, when it comes to completely new customers, quality marketing in the market is no longer as much an advantage as a matter of course.

If your promotional video targets well and is used in the right places, you can also expect a high return – whether in the form of demand for your services or the influx of new customers.

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Video ads will help you find new employees

The job market is currently full of offers from the competition, which lure your potential employees to free refreshments, teambuildings, or mysterious motivational formulations. For example, you can win over these offers with a creative recruitment video. In it, you can show the future employee the premises where he would work, and quickly tell you what makes your company different from the others, without cluttered motivational phrases. Above all, he can get to know you, his boss or a colleague. The company is created by people and their energies, through the video the potential employee has a closer idea of who he will meet at the workplace and whether he likes the environment. At the same time, thanks to the video, he will find out how the company presents itself to the outside world.

What else will the video do for you?

It doesn’t matter if you want to work with the media or find investors in the future. Both will lead to the same goal – a meeting. You will have to present what and why you do as a company. Video about your company can replace long PowerPoint presentations, piles of papers, or impersonal emails. The meeting will be shorter and all key information will remain in the video, which your future partner can watch at any time, even a hundred times. In addition, you can take a short film about your company with you to exhibitions and fairs, where it will attract the attention of visitors and at the same time you will not have to repeat everything a hundred times. And again, as mentioned above, the presentation of your company will be more personal and the client will look under the hood.


How to make a promotional video?

Video spots have enormous marketing power and can be used in almost any direction, especially when processed by professionals. With an amateur video, no one can guarantee that you will attract positive attention with it. Therefore, if you decide to go into spot production, do not underestimate the cooperation with professional production.

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