Dunaj finally on the Danube!

Thanks to successful crowdfunding Hithit campaign, supported by the fans of the band and funding from the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund, it was possible to fulfil the dream of director David Butula and shoot right on the great river Danube.

The band Dunaj will perform on August 17 at music festival Banát, taking place in small village of Eibenthal in Romania, Czech enclave in this Balkan country. The band members Vladimír Václavek, Pavel Fajt, Josef Ostřanský a Pavel Koudelka are going to play right on the 20th anniversary of Jiří Kolšovský death, a former frontman of Dunaj.

For this unique opportunity the band will practice for whole week during the boat cruise from Romanian New Moldova to Eibenthal. This voyage will also form the most important part of the documentary film Dunaj of Consciousness, which we are now producing.

Whether the band follows up where the members broke apart 20 years ago and maybe succeeds also in creation of new songs, you can find out on August 17 at 22 p.m. right at the Banát festival or in your cinema next year.