Online premiere of Dunaj of Consciousness on Moje Kino Live

We prepared screening on the internet for you thanks to the platform Moje Kino Live. Write down 12th May 2020, there will be a discussion with creators and members of the band too.

Raging of the corona virus didn’t allow us cinema distribution, but that didn’t stop us. We will bring you the experience to your home. Moje Kino Live is trying to provide the most authentic cinema experience, you will see the short openings and introduction as you normally see in the screening room. And you buy ticket as if you would go to the cinema. It will cost you one hundred crowns, but you can send more, if you want to support the cinema and the creators of Dunaj of Consciousness. When you buy your ticket in advance, you will receive a link to the stream thirty minutes before the start of the screening. During this time and during the screening, you can use the chat room and talk with other viewers. But you can also turn it off. Presale ends 8:20 PM. If you buy your ticket after 8 PM, you will receive an e-mail with link no later than 5 minutes before the screening.

Moje Kino Live
TUE| 12. 5. 2020 | 20:30
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