A short dance movie in the magical landscape of Moravian Tuscany

Director Tomáš Hubáček
Camera Alan Soural
Choreography Marie Gourdain
Designer Tereza Havlová
Producer MIMESIS Film s.r.o.

Service production GNOMON Production s.r.o.


A herd of people sweeps through dry fields. Dust swirls in the blazing light of the low sun. A hunter lies in wait unnoticed and aims at the dancing crowd. 

In a series of fantastic perspectives, areas of land are turned into geometric formations and hills transformed into wave troughs. Displaying a virtuosity rarely seen Tomáš Hubáček and his cameraman Alan Soural investigate naturally occurring patterns, inspired to do so by the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers that, among other things, describes growth processes in nature.

Therein the dancers of the JAMU Physical Theatre Studio form their own organism which, driven by collective intelligence, stirs up the rigid terrain, only to subsequently reorganise it. With the appearance of the hunter a game of hide and seek of colours and shapes begins.

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The project was realised with support by the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund. Shooting in  the vila Stiassni and archive materials was provided by National heritage institute. Preparation of shooting is realised in cooperation with Film Office Brno. Project is created for Barbican Art Gallery in London.