Kaznice VR

Project 250 years of Kaznice – VR prototype

Directing, producer Jan Hubáček
VR model, app development Ondřej Hudeček
App development Petr Kačírek 
Testing Jan Bodnár
Production Jakub Slabák
Marketing and PR Karolína Vaňková
About project

The project 250 Years of Káznice – VR prototype followed the successful projects Káznice ŽIJE and Káznice LIVE. Compared to its predecessors, it brought a completely new experience thanks to the use of virtual and mixed reality. It transformed the premises of the so-called workhouse in the Brno Penitentiary in Cejl into the way the penitentiary looked 250 years ago. The virtual/mixed installation allowed the audience to go back in time and enter these spaces at a time when the history of the Brno Penitentiary was just beginning to be written.

Future technologies for architecture, model making or museums, “virtual reality” and “mixed reality” are already shaping our future. Virtual reality that works with large-scale objects.

Testing the Kaznice VR at Ghettofest

On Saturday, 3 June 2023, we presented the VR prototype we are working on as part ...


Thanks to:

The project was created with the financial support of the Statutory City of Brno.