Videospot for KOMA Modular new headquarters

In recent years, KOMA Modular has made a name for itself by supplying a modular pavilion for the Czech Republic at the EXPO in Milano in 2015, which was awarded the bronze medal for architecture. We captured the entire EXPO 2015 project in a unique series of videos.

The modular design of the building allowed the entire pavilion to be moved to Vizovice (CZ) after the exhibition. It was transformed into the Center of Modular Architecture and the new headquarters of KOMA Modular. It provides space for expositions, education and functional background of company management.

It was the unique combination of functionality and artistic installation of Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein that inspired the new video spot. It captures the visions and colors of the birds of paradise through the entire pavilion building up to the upper garden. While passing through the building gradually reveal hidden corners, the contrast of shapes and colorful metaphors in painting.