VlčkoviceFest will screen Dunaj of Consciousness

Festival in Vlčkovice brings original cultural happenings in form of concerts, theaters, movies and many other activities to the region. This year, the organizers picked the ideal representative of the arts sphere – the movie Dunaj of Consciousness. You can enjoy the documentary river movie surrounded by pleasant festival atmosphere on 11th of July.

Not too long ago, the idea of summer festivals seemed like an unfeasible fairy tale. Eventually, some of the smaller venues managed to prepare their gates for their guests. They can look forward to the movie Dunaj of Consciousness and debate with the creators.

The festival will take place from 10th to 12th of July in Vlčkovice near Votice. The ticket for the 11th of July, the day of screening of Dunaj of Consciousness, costs 450 crown until 5th of July. If you buy it on the spot, the price is 550 crown. Ticket for all three days costs 600 crown until 5th of July, on the spot 700 crown. Children younger than 15 years old have the whole venue for free.

SO| 11. 7. 2020 | 12:30
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