Healing me

May all the beings be healthy…

Script, director Tereza Tara
Camera György László
2. camera Zuryna Lee, Radka Šplíchalová, Ondřej Belica, Vidu Gunaratna, Tereza Tara
Sound Martin Roškaňuk, Lenka Mikulová
Edit Hana Dvořáčková


Documentary is about director Tereza Tara that longs to recover her sick kidneys. She meets with doctors and therapist, healers and guides. That gives her clues to understanding her medical condition. Soon she realizes that state of her body is reflection of her psyche and her weak kidneys are the result of inharmonious relationships. She goes into the caves in Moravian Karst and thanks to several different methods she gradually uncovers layers of her subconscious.

In the caves she meets with herself, female archetypes and shadow themes such as guilt and innocence, power and sickness, unfaithfulness and trust, partnership and motherhood. Just like submerged river Punkva rises from the depths of the Earth and then goes back, in the film we watch external world of Tereza Tara and what is happening on the inside…

Mind Your Business got financial support for creating the script

Mind Your Business received a financial support from Film Fund in Zlín to create…

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Vytvoření scénáře filmu bylo podpořeno statutárním městem Zlín.