Who Owns the City?


What cities do we want or should we want?

Director Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček, Dominik Jursa, Klára Trencsényi
Camera Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček

Producer Jan Hubáček, Jan Bodnár, Alena Müllerová
Idea Zdeňka Hubáček Kujová, Petr Kačírek


People make cities, cities make people. Four stories from Brno, Bratislava, Budapest and Krakow discuss the factors which affect the changes in town’s appearance and have a major impact on lives of residents.

Most of the world’s population lives in the cities and their number is still growing. There are sudden changes, which are resulting in pressures between town halls, developers, residents, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Who determines how the city shall look and who, where and how gets to live in it? Documentary film „Who Owns the City” follows 4 characters that personify the change.


Czech Republic: GNOMON Production

Slovakia: MediaVoice

Hungary: Speak Easy

Poland: Krakow Film Klaster


Who Owns the City – we are shooting in Budapest

The situation in the district of Józsefváros intensifies. Klára Trencsényi and her crew began filming in ...

Who Owns the City supported by JFNF and International Visegrad Fund

The documentary Who owns The City received grants from the South Moravian Film Foundation and the ...

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