Who Owns the City


Which cities do we want or should we want?

Director Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček
DOP Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček
Idea Zdeňka Kujová, Petr Kačírek


Who Owns the City is looking at the fast changes of four Central European cities. It shows the processes that affect the appearance of the cities, and how people live there after these changes.

The topic of gentrification is not very known amongst the public. The film will help to raise a discussion about the changes in the appearance of cities, about gentrification and related problems. The key aim is to look at the private sector (developers, investors, businessmen), at the local residents (a long-term residents, a new coming residents, so-called gentrifiers), at the public sector (state and city municipalities), and at the civil activists.

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Víc aktualit


Projekt se uskutečňuje za finanční podpory statutárního města Brna a Jihomoravského kraje.

Výroba filmu byla podpořena Jihomoravským filmovým nadačním fondem.