Looking back at 2023 in GNOMON Production

We say goodbye to a year that has been filled to bursting. Our documentary series Who Owns the City aired on Czech Television, our feature-length documentary The World According to My Dad hit theaters, we made a series of trailers for the video game Last Train Home produced by Ashborne Games and THQ Nordic, and we’re working on a documentary series about the creation and distribution of the game. In the coming year, we look forward to finishing the film about the Hodonín Dúbrava National Natural Monument or the upcoming documentary film What About Little Peter?

In May, we premiered our documentary series Who Owns the City, which seeks to answer the question of how life is currently lived in the Visegrad capitals and who decides the fate of these cities and their inhabitants. The series was aired at the end of May and the beginning of June by Czech Television and Slovak Television and is still available to watch on iVysílání. Before the TV premiere, a public preview took place in the former Káznice in Brno, followed by a debate with experts on the topic. Sociologist Ivana Ropoš Božič, developer Roman Šebela, member of the Brno City Council Filip Chvátal and architect David Mikulášek debated and you will be able to watch a recording of the debate on our YouTube channel in January.

In the autumn, the documentary The World According to My Dad by Marta Kovářová was released, introducing the world to the idea of her father, material physicist RNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc., about the Global Carbon Tax and joining him in the fight against the climate crisis. The film has won several awards, competed in various international festivals, and has been screened in many cinemas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where Marta and Jiří have often debated with the audience. In late November and early December, the filmmakers took it all the way to Dubai for the UN international climate summit COP28. You can read more about the trip to the United Arab Emirates here, for example, and read more about the film in a special update here. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find a list of other screenings on the website https://www.worldaccordingtomydad.com/. You can also follow it on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Throughout the year we have also been working on materials for the Last Train Home video game, which went into distribution during the fall. For the video game, we shot a series of trailers combining live-action scenes with gameplay. We are very excited that you can ultimately see our footage right inside the game. In addition to the trailers, we’re still working on the Making of Last Train Home documentary series, which chronicles the creation and development of the video game. You can watch the trailers on our YouTube channel and find out more about our work here.

We have also had a number of milestones and a range of other collaborations, which we look forward to continuing and will keep you updated next year.The upcoming documentary What About Little Peter? has been selected for the renowned international workshop Ex Oriente, you can read more about the film, for example, in the DokRevue article. On the DaFilms platform, you can still watch Tereza Tara’s documentary Let viny, Martin Chlup and Petr Kačírk’s documentary Miri fajta about the creation of the first Romani sitcom in the Czech Republic, or David Batula’s documentary Dunaj vědomí, a portrait of the alternative rock band Dunaj.

Thank you for all the opportunities and rewarding collaborations this year and we look forward to what the year ahead will bring. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.