The book of Klaudie

A book-like story

Director Zuzana Dubová
Camera Jiří Strnad
Production Jan Vašák, Helena Burianová
Distribution Gnomon Production
Editing Jiří Kubík
Starring Klaudie Pechová a sourozenci, Míša a Michal, Pavla Pechová, Margita Pechová, a další

Klaudia just completed the fourth grade in Karviná and looks forward to the summer. Klaudie is a wild child – like a book character, she recently almost ended up in an orphanage. While playing with a friend, security cameras recorded her putting heavy stones on the top of train tracks.

After the police investigation, she was close to being taken away from her grandmother and admitted into an orphanage, where her younger siblings are already living. Her parents do not care about Klaudie, thus she has to become a grownup being just 10 years old. In this project, Gnomon Production is handling the distribution.


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The project was realised with support by the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund.