The story of the Moravian Typography in which we have been working for three years

Script, director Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček
Camera Petr Kačírek, Jan Hubáček 
Edit Petr Kačírek
Others Karoline Wunsch, Petra Marková


We captured the last moments of Moravian typography in Brno before its complete reconstruction. We spent three years in the building. Some tenants even longer. Short film takes the viewer on a tour of the building, while tenants tell unique stories about their time in Brno’s typography. You can watch the whole film here.

Shooting of short movie Tonight the world in Brno

From July 23 to July 27 took place the shooting of short movie Tonight the world ...

Recce of American-British Artist in Brno

In April and June we made a series of recce for the upcoming shooting of the ...

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Výroba filmu byla podpořena Jihomoravským filmovým nadačním fondem. Natáčení e vile