Documentary The World According to My Dad conquers another continent

After the journey to the COP28 climate summit in the United Arab Emirates and the successful start of the documentary’s distribution in Slovakia, The World According to My Dad is heading off on another far-flung international journey. During March, there was a screening at the European Parliament in Belgium, an upcoming screening at Centrul Ceh in Bucharest and even in Washington, D.C., USA as part of the 32nd Annual Environmental Film Festival DCEFF.

At the very beginning of March, the documentary opened the Echos of Ji.hlava IDFF festival in the European Parliament in Brussels. The screening took place on 5 March 2024 at 19:00. After the screening, the director Marta Kovářová and her father Jiří Svoboda took part once again in a debate with the audience.

As part of the Echos of Ji.hlava IDFF, the film will be screened again at the Czech Centre in Bucharest, Romania, on 18 March 2023 at 19:30. Here, too, a debate with the filmmakers will take place after the screening.

At the end of March, the documentary will have its U.S. premiere at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital in Washington, D.C., the largest environmental film festival in the world. The screening will take place on March 26, 2024 at 18:00 at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington. This year marks the 32nd edition of the festival, which is attended by 30,000 people each year and hosts hundreds of films from around the world. The festival’s mission is to increase public understanding of environmental issues through current filmmaking.

Last year, at the invitation of the organisers, the filmmakers attended the COP28 international climate summit in Dubai in November-December 2023, hosted by the United Nations. You can read more about the trip in a special update here.

On Thursday 22 February 2024, with the cooperation of our co-producers Dayhey, a gala distribution premiere took place in Bratislava. A series of screenings and discussions with the filmmakers will take place throughout March. The dates of all screenings can be found together on the documentary’s website – https://www.worldaccordingtomydad.com/ .

In 2023, the film won the Student Jury Award and the Online Audience Award at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival or a special recognition from the International Jury at the One World International Documentary Film Festival in Bratislava.

The documentary is also launching a series of screenings for students at high schools and universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For more information, please contact pavel.bednarik@gmail.com .

A complete list of screenings can be found on the website https://www.worldaccordingtomydad.com/ 
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