The World According to My Dad

Script, direction, music Marta Kovářová
Producers Jan Bodnár, Jan Hubáček
Co-producer Sylvia Panáková – Dayhey (SK)
Camera Marta Kovářová, Petr Kačírek
Editing Varvara Šatunova
Sound Michal Gazdag, Klára Jašková

Dramaturgy Jan Gogola ml.
Professional consultation Alexander Ač (climatologist)


Brno maverick, materials physicist and passionate handyman RNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc., has an idea to save the planet. But nobody listens to him. His daughter Marta, a musician and mother of two, resents it. She takes her camera and goes “into the wild“ with her dad. She wants to check if the world could work the way the father imagines. The humor in the film is brought by different characters and their mutual strategies on how to present the idea; they will meet environmentalists, activists, experts and politicians to get to the world climate summit. These attempts to break into public structures expose the nature of power that decides who can enter, with what topic and where.

All these contacted experts agree that Jiří’s establishment of the world would be an ideal solution. Yet after four years of wandering with his idea of ​​a global carbon tax and dividends for all, he stands alone against all. Are they coming up with the idea too late? Or too soon? A strong personal story, Jiří’s humor and charisma, Marta’s original songs, raw film material and an inspiring idea to save the planet create an unmissable film with a potential planetary social impact.

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The development and production of this project were realized with support by the Czech Film Fund and the Slovak Audiovisuálny Fond.

The project is realized with support of the South Moravian Film Endowment Fund.